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satirical cartoon - John Bull opporessed by the weight of taxes. 1795. (c) Trustees of the British Museum

About Tax Policy Associates Ltd

Dan Neidle founded Tax Policy Associates Ltd as a not-for-profit company, with the aim of improving tax and legal policy, and the public understanding of tax.

Tax Policy Associates has three key activities:

  • Providing policymakers and politicians of all parties with expert and non-partisan tax policy advice, in the UK and worldwide.
  • Analysing and investigating areas of tax and tax policy that have been under-reported.  
  • Partnering with journalists, academics and others researching and investigating tax and tax policy.

Tax Policy Associates Ltd is financially independent. It accepts no donations, charges no fees, and undertakes no commercial work. All fees for writing and speaking are donated to charity.

If you’d like to involve us in a project then please contact us. For media enquiries, please use the link below or contact us via Twitter or Mastodon.

About Dan Neidle

image of Dan Neidle

Dan Neidle spent almost 25 years as a tax lawyer, and was head of tax at the London office of one of the largest law firms in the world. During his career, Dan advised corporates, governments, regulators, central banks and NGOs on tax and tax policy.

Dan is now bringing the depth of his experience and specialist expertise to improving tax policy, and shaping and informing the debate around tax. Dan was listed by The Lawyer as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the UK. His work with Tax Policy Associates won the Tolley’s 2023 award for the “Outstanding Contribution to Taxation in 2022-23”, and Dan was a finalist in the 2023 British Journalism Awards.

Dan is a member of the IFS Tax Law Review Committtee and the Scottish Government’s advisory group on tax strategy.

image of Dan Neidle
cartoon - clamorous tax gatherers - published 1805

Who we work with

We work in association with experienced tax experts of all kinds: accountants, solicitors, barristers and retired HMRC officials, as well as non-tax experts such as commercial lawyers and forensic accountants. Often their current employment means that they cannot be named; but they are essential to our work. If you are a senior tax or legal professional who would like to work with us, then please get in contact in complete confidence.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot take on employees or interns, and the nature of our work means that we can only collaborate with senior professionals.

Support our work

We don’t accept funding or donations, because we want to be able to continue to say things that will irritate people on one side of the political spectrum on Monday, and infuriate those on the other side on Tuesday.  

But if you want to support our wider aims, you can support these charities that do amazing work, providing free professional tax help for vulnerable people in crisis:

Bridge The Gap

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