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Tax Policy Associates report: UK taxpayers have £570bn in tax haven accounts, and HMRC has no idea how much of this reflects tax evasion

FOIA requests made by Tax Policy Associates reveal that £570bn is held in tax haven bank accounts by UK taxpayers, but HMRC has made no attempt to estimate how much of this is undeclared in UK tax returns, and therefore reflects tax lost to criminal tax evasion. The background Since 2018, almost all UK residents with overseas bank accounts have had their name, tax ID, and the balance and income on those accounts automatically reported to HMRC every year. That’s part of a revolutionary global project – the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information/Common Reporting Standard (CRS), under which €10 trillion

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About Tax Policy Associates Ltd

Dan Neidle has founded Tax Policy Associates Ltd as a not-for-profit company, with three key aims: 

  • Providing policymakers and politicians with expert and impartial tax policy advice, in the UK and worldwide.
  • Partnering with academics and others researching tax and tax policy.
  • Working to improve the public understanding of tax, by assisting journalists writing on and investigating tax policy, tax avoidance and tax evasion.

Tax Policy Associates Ltd is financially independent. It will accept no donations, charge no fees, and undertake no commercial work.

If you’d like to involve us in a project then please contact us.

About Dan Neidle

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Dan Neidle has spent almost 25 years as a tax lawyer, and was head of tax at the London office of one of the largest law firms in the world. During his career, Dan advised corporates, governments, regulators, central banks and NGOs on tax and tax policy.

Dan now wants to bring the depth of his experience and specialist expertise to improving tax policy, and shaping and informing the debate around tax.

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